Dave Bickler

Dave Bickler started his musical career as lead singer of 1970s rock group Jamestown Massacre (Billboard Top 100 song “Summer Sun”) and doing commercial jingle work in Chicago.  He was lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning rock band Survivor from 1977–1983 and 1993–1999. From 1999-2009, Dave was the singing voice behind the highly successful (most award-winning radio campaign in advertising history!) ‘Real Men of Genius’ Bud Light radio and TV commercials, including promotional events where he sang live spots and the National Anthem at major sporting events across the country. Bickler toured the US 2013-2014 with Survivor. Today, Bickler lives in New York with his family and is finishing his solo project.

Dave is actively involved in the creative musical process, including:

  • Song writing
  • Music production
  • Performance/lead vocals
  • Commercial jingles & ads
  • Corporate consulting/podcasts
  • Young writers’ conferences
  • Music business lectures
  • Pre-school music teaching
  • Community choir/volunteer work
  • Sporting events/national anthem
  • Promotional events/appearances

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